You don’t know all the bathroom basin knowledge here!

The washbasin is a necessary sanitary ware for every bathroom. It is indispensable for people to wash and place small objects every day. Then, in the face of basins with different styles, the installation process will be different, and it is not feasible to treat them equally.

Precautions for installation of washstand:
1. pay attention to the coordination between the washbasin and the faucet
Many times, when the faucet is turned on, water will splash out. This is because the washbasin and the faucet are not suitable. A deeper washbasin can be matched with a stronger faucet, while a shallower washbasin is not suitable for a stronger washbasin, so water will splash out.
2. spatial decision form
The washstand is roughly divided into two types: independent and desktop. The independent one has a beautiful shape, takes up a small space, and is suitable for the use of small space. For the one with a larger space, it is also good to choose the desktop one, which has complete functions and is very convenient to use.

How to install the washstand:

Installation method

1. installation method of hanging Basin

The hanging basin is generally installed on the wall, which saves space. Let's take a look at the general installation method of hanging basin.

(1) Through measurement, mark the installation height and center line on the finished wall. The recommended installation height is 82cm.

(2) Move the basin to the installation position along the center line, adjust it so that it is horizontally centered, and anchor the installation hole position on the wall.

(3) As soon as the basin is opened carefully, the hanging bolt holes with appropriate distance shall be drilled out of the anchor holes on the wall, and the hanging bolts shall be installed on the wall, and each bolt shall be kept exposed for about 45mm.

(4) Level the basin, put on the gasket and tighten the nut until it is suitable, and cover the decorative cap.

(5) Lean the support against the wall, correct its position, then anchor the hole, install the support on the wall, and connect the basin with the support with four pieces of rubber particles.

(6) According to the instructions of the purchased water parts, install the faucet and drainage components, and connect the water inlet and drainage pipes.

(7) Seal the basin against the wall with mould proof glue.

2. installation method of column Basin
The general method for installing the column basin is to install the downcomer of the column basin first, and then install the faucet and hose. Then place the porcelain column of the column basin at the corresponding position, carefully put the column basin on it, and note that the water pipe is just inserted into the water pipe reserved on the original ground. Then connect the water supply pipe to the water inlet. Finally, apply glass glue along the edge of the column basin.

Post time: Apr-01-2022
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