Precautions for installation of wall mounted toilet

1.Determine the sewage discharge mode of toilet

Before installation, you should first determine the sewage discharge method of your bathroom.
Floor drain: the drain outlet of the toilet is on the ground, which is also called direct drain. Most houses in China are floor drains. If this drainage method is adopted, it is necessary to purchase a shifter to change the position of the drain outlet and connect the drain outlet with the toilet drain outlet if you want to install a wall hung toilet.

Wall drain: the drain outlet of the toilet is on the wall, which is also called side drain. This kind of toilet can be installed with a water tank and a wall mounted toilet. However, it should be noted that the distance between the drain outlet and the ground should be measured in advance when installing the wall mounted toilet, and the thickness of the tiles should also be taken into account when measuring.

The installation of wall hung toilet needs to be planned in advance
When buying a toilet, some brands are installed, but they don’t care about slotting and wall building. Therefore, if it is determined to install a wall mounted toilet, it is necessary to plan the design of the toilet and the transformation of the pipeline in the early stage of purchase.
Plan in advance, one is the location, the other is the height. The installation height of the wall mounted toilet can be determined according to the product specifications, and the height of family members can be adjusted accordingly to ensure toilet comfort. If the smart toilet cover needs to be installed later, don’t forget to reserve the socket in advance for convenient use.

The wall hanging the toilet shall avoid the load-bearing wall

We all know that the load-bearing wall cannot be chiseled or dismantled, so the wall mounted toilet needs to avoid the load-bearing wall and build a new wall to hide the water tank.

Post time: Apr-01-2022
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