• New Tech Wall Hung Toilet-single Tornado Flushing

    In LEPPA’s new wall hung toilet, adopts new strong tornado flushing technique and keeps slience during flushing,.This new flushing syetem with absence of the rim for wall hung toilet,compared with traditional flushing system,single tornado makes the inner wall of the bo...
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  • Matte Black Outer&glossy Black Inside Wall Hung Toilet

    People always yearn for a more comfortable and ideal life. LEPPA Sanitary Ware just combines this concept. In exploration and practice, it constantly improves our products and provides cost-effective products to customers. At the same time, we subverts and innovates trad...
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  • Leppa Sanitary Ware Production Process

    1.The quality of the mill affects the density and hardness of the toilet, and these two factors are the key indicators of the quality of the toilet. The good factory uses a large-tonnage ball mill, which is more powerful and can grind finer than the small-tonnage ball mi...
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  • You don’t know all the bathroom basin knowledge here!

    The washbasin is a necessary sanitary ware for every bathroom. It is indispensable for people to wash and place small objects every day. Then, in the face of basins with different styles, the installation process will be different, and it is not feasible to treat them eq...
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  • Precautions for installation of wall mounted toilet

    1.Determine the sewage discharge mode of toilet Before installation, you should first determine the sewage discharge method of your bathroom. Floor drain: the drain outlet of the toilet is on the ground, which is also called direct drain. Most houses in China are floor drains. If this drainage me...
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  • What is a wall hung toilet?

    I believe you know what a toilet is and often use it, but what kinds of toilets are there? It may be difficult to know if you don’t really buy the toilet. There are four categories of toilets (by style): split type, connected type, integrated intelligent type and wall mounted type. Daily ba...
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